What is RequestMailer? (BETA)

RequestMailer (BETA) is a service for Omnitapps Composer (version 1.1.9 or higher) that sends an e-mail to users who request files from one of the Omnitapps applications.

To make use of this service you need Omnitapps Composer and an account for this website.

How to get started?

  1. 1. Create your account: Registration form
  2. 2. You receive your login password by e-mail
  3. 3. You can log into your account and start uploading files and make your own e-mail templates
  4. 4. Fill in your account details in Omnitapps Composer Configurator (Configuration settings -> Request mailer login)
  5. 5. You are all set. All Omnitapps file requests will now be sent through this server. The end-users will receive an e-mail with hyperlinks to the requested files.


Did you forgot your password?